Creek vista Apartments is located in the southwest of Karachi along the shores of Arabian Sea. It`s a project with an exceptionally beautiful location and a view that you will find mesmerizing. For answers kindly click the Questions.

Q: What is it like to live in Creek Vista?

Creek vista is a privilege. A unique project, one of its own kind. A project that will set standards for the future projects to come. Not only that the apartments are spacious and stylish but also they are built with keeping in mind the highest security measures.
In Karachi your primary concern is security, this project attempts to elevate that concern, with the security provided by the DHA services, a subsidiary of DHA Karachi, and most sensitive electronic security system.
Creek Vista permits you to spend same time with family or engage in activities that are more productive than thinking and ensuring your supply of water tankers, mocking KESC for load shedding, arranging Petrol/Diesel for your generators or looking for an absent gatekeeper.
It permits to let your children go downstairs without being worried about rushing cars or unpredictable situation of Karachi.

Q: Where is it located?

The project is located right in front of DHA Golf club on khayaban-e-shaheen.

Q: Is Creek Vista owned by DHA?

No, all apartments in Creek Vista are now private property. Although management, maintenance, security, and property transfer is the responsibility of DHA Karachi.

Q: Why do you suggest an apartment over a house? Especially when the price is almost as much as of a house?

In Karachi your primary concern is security. Security for yourself and your family. Creek Vista eliminates that concern. Creek Vista security is provided by DHA services, which is a subsidiary of DHA Karachi, along with a highly sensitive electronic security system. The professional security guards of DHA look after the security of Creek Vista apartments. More than over 40 guards are present all the time looking after the project 24 hours round the clock. The vigilance car also patrols the vicinity on regular basis. Beside that there are receptionists, CCTV and security devices. Kindly see security features for detail.

Q: What about "zameen bi apani, aur chaat bi apani" concept?

Well that concept has faded away pretty much. That�s why the prices of good projects are almost equal to a moderately built 500 hundred yard bungalow situated in defense. In a bungalow you have to look after the house and as well as the security. Yes you can hire guards day/night but most of the time those same guards are involved in a security breach in form of theft or burglary.

Q: I am used to living in bunglows you think i will adjust?

I have no doubt about that. My personal experience is the same. I was living in a 500 yards bungalow and personally shifted to vista because of security concern. And I am completely satisfied. I have some clients who have shifted here from 1000 yards bungalows and they are satisfied as well with their right selection.

Q: How many flats do you have in creek vista?

Creek Vista consists of 12 blocks. Each tower has 60 apartments, which makes to720 apartments. Out of 12 blocks, 4 blocks has completely 4 beds apartment and the rest 8 blocks are mixed type. Mixed types blocks has 4 beds apartments facing outward and 3 beds apartments facing inward.

Q: How can you tell which one is a complete four-bed block?

They are grey in color and the beige one is the mixed kind.

Q: How many flats are occupied?

The official number as on 22-10-2010 is 647.

Q: What is the percentage?

Well it is almost 100% if you take it on three and four bed basis and excluding pent houses.

Q: How many parking for each flat?

For every flat there is one designated parking although there is plenty of free space available and every family can park at least 3 cars, which they can easily accommodate in open free lots.

Q: How many views are there?

That is hard to answer. The project was designed in such a manner that every block has a different view to some degree if not at large. First there are east side and west side facing apartments. There are also apartments that are inside facing, which mean facing the garden facing. There is also small variation in view depending on the degree of the tilt of the building.

Q: What about the property documents? Can they be forged?

DHA is semi government society. But keep in mind it�s the home for the defenders. An on duty brigadier, who reports to the Corp commander Sindh, who is answerable to GHQ, administers DHA. Under the administrator there are a number of retired army servicemen rendering their expertise. Their records are computerized. All transfers are only entertained after they have been scrutinized on very strict level. Kindly check "Purchasing an apartment" section.

Q: What is the KESC official rate for Creek Vista? Is it on commercial basis?

No, Creek Vista is a residential project and the rate is strictly residential just like the rest of Karachi. It is on residential tariff not commercial and the residential tariff for the whole Karachi is just the same.

Q: What about the generator? How much load does it provide?

It permits you to have one light and a fan in every room plus one fridge one computer, one TV, DVD player etc. So the load is quite sufficient.

Q: What about the water supply?

The supply is plenty. You don�t need to worry about it. Use it as much you like although you are billed as per your consumption. There is a water meter installed for every apartment and you are billed accordingly. The rate is very nominal. My average bill comes from Rs.1500/- to Rs.1900/- per month.

Q: What about the commute? It is safe?

The best way to answer such a question is to find the crime rate on khayaban-e-shaheen. Not even once anything like this has happened. There hadn�t been a single day when something of this sort was reported or experienced by the residents. It would be very foolish of anyone to loot someone on a main khyaban especially when the traffic is there even at 2 am at night.

Q: What about children activities?

Inside the project there are two parks with rides available for adolescent children. It�s a huge project and many activities can be managed. You will find children playing cricket and practicing soccer comfortably.

Q: Alright what about my daily commodities?

Well there is a mart located within the project it is as good as Aghas. It is huge, spacious and it has almost everything that you may need on daily basis. You name it they have it: medicine bakery, meat, vegetable, fruit etc.

Q: What about transportation for the maids and servants?

Public transport is available for maids and servant.

Q: Okay West open or East open? Which one shall I pick?

That entirely depends on your preferences. Some people like it breezy so they go for the west side. But people also prefer view so they go for the east side. The view on the east side is more panoramic than that on the west. Kindly check the virtual tour to see the difference.

Q: What about arising complains or complications?

The maintenance of Creek Vista is being looked after by DHA services. They have an office on the ground floor of Block A. You can speak to the shift in-charge or to the admin if find necessary. There is also an elected Block representative for every block, who is chosen among the block residents. To help, assist and speak on behalf of the residents. To find your Block representative inquire your block receptionist.

Q: What about sell, purchase, rent, and security of the apartment?

Kindly read the appropriate section for these details. The link for them is present on your left (Navigation Bar).

Q: What is the purpose of the "Documents" section?

We have endeavored to make this website a one-stop-solution. It provides you all the floor plan, maps, and forms for resident passes, car stickers, lost stickers, and security manual.

Q: What is the purpose of obtaining an NOC before transfer?

The office at K block issues NOC to the owner of the apartment. The abbreviation means No Objection Certificate. It is a written confirmation by the Creek Vista management indicating that they have No objection on the transfer of the property and the current owner have paid up-to-date maintenance charges. Application for the NOC can be obtained from the documents section.

Q: What with the NDC?

NDC is short for No Dues Certificate. It is required for the transfer of the property and it indicates that owner has paid all the installments and the apartment has no liabilities left. Application for the NDC can be obtained from the documents section.

Q: What is the transfer fee and CVT?

Please use the �Contact Us� form to inquire about the transfer fees and CVT.

Q: How many days it takes to transfer the ownership of an apartment?

The usual time is two days. On the first day you submit the transfer documents and on the second day you appear before the TNR officer for signing the documents.

Q: What if I want to get the apartment transferred urgently?

At most urgent it can be completed in a single day but there is an urgent fee of Rs 10,000/-.

Q: What is the purpose of the Resident card?

All residents are issued resident passes, which helps the security guards and the receptionists to identify the residents. Application for the Resident pass can be downloaded from the document section.

Q: What with the vehicle stickers?

All the residents of Creek Vista apartments are requested to obtain vehicle stickers for their cars. It helps the security guards to identify the residents. Applications for vehicle sticker can be obtained from the documents section.

Q: How do I cancel my previous Car stickers?

The car stickers of the previous vehicles must be returned. Otherwise you can request for its cancellation. An application is needed for cancellation and Rs 200/- is charged as fine. Application for the cancellation can be downloaded from the documents section.

Q: How do I obtain Cards for my employees?

All employees including maids, drivers and others must obtain Employees Card from the Office in block K. All Employees are required to provide their NIC, two Photographs 1x1 and a 'Character Certificate' from their concerned Police Station.

Q: What facilities do the club house offers?

It offers a swimming pool, card room; snooker room, gym and other indoor games, community hall and restaurant. Small functions, Birthday parties, social Gathering can be arranged in the community hall by the residents.

Q: What about Earthquake?

The Structure is Earthquake resistant. Its piles are touching variable depths, depending on loading distribution, with its maximum depth on 134 feet.